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Ultimate Guide How To Create Genie Account , download Genie App and buy Genie Streaming Pass To Listen Songs On PC, Android, iPhone, iPad from Everywhere

Many fans outsid of South Korean want to listening idols’ songs on Genie. But if your Genie account is not verified, you cant buy Genie Streaming Pass. It will ask you to verify i-Pin or Korean phone number. Certainly, you can also streaming for free by given Geine links. I will show you how to stream Genie […]

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[Step by Step Guide] How To Join BTS Bangtan , Infinite, VIXX, MAMAMO, Monsta x, Wanna One Daum FanCafe

Do you want to join BTS Bangtan, Gfriend, Golden Child, Wanna One, VIXX, TEENTOP, SEVENTEEN, Infinite, , MAMAMO, Monsta X,  or other idols’ Fancafe? If you don’t know how to join your idols’ fancafe, please check step by step guide on how to join DAUM fancafe. What is Fancafe? Fancafe is like a big forum hosted by the korean web portal called DAUM. Many […]

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