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access Gloud Games App without limitation

How To Play XBOX, PlayStation, PC Games On iOS With Gloud Games 2023

Gloud Games (Chinese: 格来云游戏 Pinyin: gelaiyun youxi) is a cloud game platform. Players can use the App to play some of XBOX, PlayStation, PC games on iOS and Android device. I have written guide about play XBOX/PlayStation games on Android without limited and how to use Gloud Games for PC. You can read the tutorial later. Android and iOS is the main two operating systems of mobile games. Hence, I will show you how to play XBOX, PlayStation, PC games on iOS without limited.

Gloud Games iOS

How To Download Gloud Games App for iOS

Gloud Games App is developed by 51ias. The App is currently in Chinese. It is weird the App is not available in Chinese iTunes store. For iOS users, they can only scan QR code to download the file, then install it.

I am using iPhone 7 based on iOS 10.0. There is no need to jailbreak to use the App on iOS. So follow me step by step.

  1. Scan the QR code to download Gloud Games iOS APP. Compatible with iPhone, iTouch, iPod with iOS 8.2 or later. So keep an eye your OS.Gloud Games iOS App QR Code
  2. After installed successfully. You will get message “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” as photo below.install Gloud Games iOS App
  3. You should trust the App first. Then you can use the App from the developer. Ahead to SettingsGeneralDevice Management to trust the App.Trust Gloud Games iOS App
  4. Then you can access the App. It seems that there is no region restricted on iOS. If you still get error message as the App is only available in China. Get connected to China VPN to fix it.

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Step By Step Guide To Play XBOX/PlayStation/PC Games On Gloud Games iOS

Because the App is only in Chinese. Here, I will show players to play WWE 2K16 on Gloud Games on my iPhone 7. There are many popular games in the App like WWE 2K17, NBA 2K 16, Street Fighte IV, Dying Light, DRAGONBALL XNEOVERSE, Need for Speed Rivals, FIFA2013, FIFA15,Fallout 4, Naruto Storm Revolution, Naruto Storm 3, Naruto Storm 4, Devil May Cry etc.. Gamers can play those games above on iOS with Gloud Games App.

  1. Logged in as Guest(游客登录). You can also create account with email.
  2. Tap Search bar as photo below. Enter terms to search game. Search Games in Gloud Games App
  3. I will show you how to play WWE 2K16 here. So I enter this game. Tap 开始游戏 to start game. Then tap 快速测速 to choose the fast game server for you, and follow the game guide to enter games with Gloud Games App
  4. All games marked S or V are not free to play full games. Players can play theirs demos about 20 minutes. If you want to experience S or V games without limitation. You have to buy game time. I have wrote guide players to earn free Cloud coin on Android, it is the same way to earn free cloud coin on iOS, so refer to the guidance. Buy Game Time

*Anyone want to buy game time for your games on Gloud Games, please consult the seller on Skype zoi0607.


I have write tips on play XBOX, PlayStation, PC games on iOS with Gloud Games, and guide you step by step to play game on the platform. Hope the guidance is helpful for you. Worthwhile, if you get any question on using the awesome App, please leave a comment.

20 thoughts to “How To Play XBOX, PlayStation, PC Games On iOS With Gloud Games 2023”

    1. Hi, the gloud games doesn’t provide sperated ipa file. Users can only download Gloud Games iOS App from its official website. If you can’t download the App, try to get connect to China VPN, maybe it will be fixed.

      1. I download from, when the download finish apper a message like this “cant install the app right now” with options “done or retry” i press retry and the download begins again :/
        What can i do?

        1. We did search, but many websites don’t provider the App for download. Just download from its official website. I find the solution on its official website.
          1. Uninstall previous Gloud games App
          2. Re-install again.

          Maybe it will work.

          1. I cant uninstall because i can never install the app, when the download finish and the app is installing appers a message like this ” cant install the app” with option “done or retry” if i select retry, the download begins again.
            Do you install the app on iphone 7 with ios 10?

  1. THX for the great help!!!! This is the only webpage where introduce how to play gloud games on ios. I successfully installed the app.

  2. hey i really need help this app isnt downloading , how to scan the app as mentioned in this site. whenever i try to download it after sometime it say to retry and it keeps on same way so please how i can scan this app and download and also how i can get china vpn for free.

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