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Find The Best VPN for China 2024

The internet in China is very bad. People who are living in China can’t access Facebook, Twitter, Google, ChatGpt and so on. After the COVID-19, a lot of big events are holding in China, worthwhile, a large number of foreigners are planning to coming to Mainland China. If you are looking for the best VPN for Mainland China, best VPN for iPhone in Mainland China, best VPN for Android or best VPN for Mac in China to unlock the region restricted. We will show you how us test VPN service from China and the results later.

Chinese Great Firewall

Looking for Best VPN Working in China [Real Experience]

We tested many VPN services, all VPNs we tested are not working in September 14, 2023, which make us frustrated. We contacted those VPN service customers, some replied with customer bot, some no customer service. Finally, we find ExpressVPN. We tested their service and we can’t use in my side. Which customer service is very fast and quick. Who tell us their engineers will continue their efforts to restore normal connectivity. We are feeling the answer is so officially. Maybe no results. But after about 2 hours. We heard from ExpressVPN. It does work on my computer.

recommend express

Get Best VPN Customer Service for China Get Best VPN Customer Service for China-1

Best VPNs for China: The Quick Answer

In case you don’t have much time to read this article. Please check the best VPN for China. Whatever you  are finding the best VPN for iPhone, Android, Mac, or other devices. Check the best VPN we recommend with real experience in 2024.

Get 3 Months Free on the 12-month plan
Get 3 Months Free on the 12-month plan

Tips for Using ExpressVPN in China

  1. Keep an eye recent news on ExpressVPN in China. and ask support team here.  Tap “Support” menu, input “China” to search. Then you can find all the news about how to use best VPN for China.
  2. Please install ExpressVPN App before coming to China. Because maybe you can’t access the website for blocking. When you are living in China and want to access web to ask help, click the special site for users in Mainland China. Because the special link is not fixed, you can send email to ask help.
  3. If you are Chinese and living in China and want to use the best VPN for China. For iPhone, iPad users, install best VPN for iOS in China. For Android, Windows or other platforms, download Apk or file from its official website.


We will test more and more VPN service for users who are picking the best VPN for China. So just keep an eye on VPNDATE. You can find the best VPN for iOS, Android, Linux etc. for you.

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