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[Step by Step Guide] How To Join BTS Bangtan , Infinite, VIXX, MAMAMO, Monsta x, Wanna One Daum FanCafe

Do you want to join BTS Bangtan, Gfriend, Golden Child, Wanna One, VIXX, TEENTOPSEVENTEEN, Infinite, , MAMAMO, Monsta X,  or other idols’ Fancafe? If you don’t know how to join your idols’ fancafe, please check step by step guide on how to join DAUM fancafe.

What is Fancafe?

Fancafe is like a big forum hosted by the korean web portal called DAUM. Many korean idols and their agencies use fancafes to post updates and information about the artist. They post schedules, events, concerts, official pictures and videos. Fans can interact with their idols there by message and letter.

Create Daum Account To Start Joining Daum Fancafe

You need to create one Daum account before joining BTS Bangtan, Gfriend, Golden Child, TEENTOP, SEVENTEEN, Infinite, VIXX, MAMAMO, Monsta X, Wanna One and other idols’ fanface. Follow me to create Daum account now.

Step #1 Visit, tap회원가입 to sign up Daum account.

Step #2 Tick boxes to agree terms. Input ID, password, verify phone number and email.

Step #3 Register Daum account successfully.

Join Daum fancafe Now – Step by Step Guide

Before starting to join fancafe, please verify your Daum account first. The steps are the same to join different Daum fancafe. Here, I will show you how to join BTS Bangtan fancafe.

  1. Visitt BTS fancafe webpage on PC here
  2. Tap 내정보 to fill out nickname, captcha. After joined Daum fancafe, you can tap 내정보 to check nickname.
  3. Join BTS fancafe successfully.

You can also take part in Daum cafe hearts event. Tap the heart on

How To Join VIXX Daum Fancafe:

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How To Join Gfriend Daum Fancafe:

How To Join Wanna One Daum Fancafe:

How To Join Golden Child Daum Fancafe:

How To Join Infinite Monsta X Daum Fancafe:

How To Join TEENTOP Daum Fancafe:


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