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2017.8 Update Join Melon Event To Get Melon Free Streaming/Download

Join Melon event, you should have one Melon account first. So I will show you how to create Melon account later. Melon is holding event to send gift like Sports items, Melon 30 days membership. It is easily to get 30 days Melon membership. Just follow me to get started. Check briefly instructions as following.

  • Register Melon Account, and verified your Melon Account.
  • Join event get Melon Free Streaming/Download.
  • How to apply coupon code in your account.

Register Melon Account and Verified your Melon Account over 19 Years Old

Create Melon account is very easy. The point is verify your Melon account. If your account is unverified, you can’t buy Melon membership, listen 19+ music/songs. So if you want to listen, download music on Melon, ahead to register Melon account and verified it now.

Join Melon Event To Get Free Streaming/Download Coupon Code

Let us check the Melon event first.

Q: Who can join the event?

A: All Melon registered users.

Q: What is the event time?

A: #1 Event : 5/18/2017 – 6/21/2017

#2 Event: 6/22/2017 – 7/26/2017

#3 Event: 7/27/2017 – 8/30/2017

Q:Where can I join the event?

A: Event link 1:

Q:How many coupon codes can I get?

A: 1 ID=1 Coupon, one Event can only get one coupon

Q: Can I create multiple Melon account to win Melon Pass?

A: Yeah, you can.

Start to Join Melon Event To Get 30 Free Streaming/Download

I will show you get the bonus on PC.

  1. Login your Melon account.
  2. Visit the event webpage here.
  3. Scroll down, input Monster in the box, tap the orange button
  4. If pop up message, just tick the box. Then you will get the bonus. It is very easy to get the bonus.
  5. Tap the grey button to copy coupon code, then tap the left orange button to register the coupon code.
  6. Then paste the coupon code here save in your account.
  7. Once done, you will see the coupon code expiry date. You can choose to use it now or later.
  8. Use the coupon now or later. Tap the Green button, you should verify your Melon account first to use the coupon. If you don’t have Korean phone number or i-Pin, verify Melon account here.

How To Activate Melon Coupon Code Later

You can use the coupon code in your Melon account on mobile device, or PC. I will show you how to use coupon code now. Following the guide to activate your coupon code on PC now. Login Melon account on PC, then tap the area as photo.

Then you can see all coupons available in your account. Tap the coupon you want to use to activate.

How To Join Lipton Melon Event

Please check lipton Melon event info as below.

  • Valid Date: #2 Event: 8/03/2017 -8/30/2017  #3 Event: Coming Soon
  • One ID can only get 1 coupon
  • All Melon users can join the event.
  1. Login your Melon account.
  2. Visit, choose any one, tap the red button as photo.
  3. Choose one photo, tap the red button.
  4. Then it shows lipton product. Tap the read button to draw lottery.
  5. You have opportunity to get Melon pass. But not 100%. But it is easy to win Melon pass.
  6. Other steps are the same as last event I show above. Save coupon code and use coupon code.


It is so easy to get 30 days Melon free streaming/downloads. I have created two Melon accounts and won the bonus. If you can’t use Melon App or access, get connected to South Korea VPN. Many fans used the way to support their idols.

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  1. are they on lucky draw basis?? if the account has won the pass from last month event, do i still have the chance to win it? coz i tried with a few accounts and i got nothing from both events TT

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