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How to Bypass Age Verification in Korean iTunes Store

Different countries have specific countries iTunes Store. Also there are some difference between different countries iTunes Store. For example, Some Apps is only available in Korean iTunes Store, and is not available in China iTunes Store. Some Apps requires to verify age verification, or verify other info. Here, what we want to discuss is how to bypass age verification in Korean iTunes Store on iPhone, iPad, Mac. Just as photo showed as below. Players install Call of Duty game App from South Korea iTunes Store, which requires age verification 19+. It is frustrated. You can find the way from the following paragraphs.

Korean App requires 19+ age verification

How To Install Korean App from South Korean iTunes Store on iOS

The first step to install Korean App in South Korean iTunes Store is to create Korean Apple ID. But 99% users don’t have valid payment info to create Korean Apple ID by themselves. Previously, we did write guidance on how to create Korean Apple ID W/O credit card. but the policy changed again and again, we haven’t find one more easier way to create another country Apple ID without credit card.

Finally, we found out the not free way. It is buy South Korea Apple ID. There are two options on the product page. If you just want to install free App from South Korean iTunes Store, you can buy Korean Apple ID without verified 17+ account which can’t install apps require to verify age. But if you want to install Apps in iPhone, iPad Mac from Korean iTunes store with age verification, please pick 17+ account to bypass Korean app store age verification.

south korea apple id age verification

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