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How To Download and Play Chinese Server World Of Jade Dynasty 2024

World of Jade Dynasty is an upcoming MMORPG with excellent performance from the Unreal 5 engine has been highly anticipated. It is a new Chinese style MMORPG PC game that will operate on a monthly card system and a seasonal version. The story of the game is based on the Jade Dynasty. The recently closed beta was started on 29th Dec, 2023. Large numbers of players who love Chinese inspired MMORPGs. Perfect World, Swordsman Online, Jade Dynasty, Age of Wushu, Moonlight Blade, Swords of Legends Online, and Justice Online want to play World Of Jade Dynasty. Hence, we will discuss some opinions about how to download and play Chinese Server World of Jade Dynasty.

When Will World Of Jade Dynasty Enter Into Open Beta

There are no exact release date of World of Jade Dynasty. Maybe we can expect to play this game in 2024. Hope don’t let us wait a long time.

Download and Play World Of Jade Dynasty

Though World of Jade Dynasty is not in close beta now. But players can refer to this guide when it enters close beta or open beta. Hope this guide can help you.

  • World of Jade Dynasty Official Website:
  • Download CN World Of Jade Dynasty: we will update here when the client is available to download
  • Play World of Jade Dynasty: Create account here buy monthly card to join the game.

Regarding to register Wanmei account, it is only available to create Wanmei account with Chinese phone number, also it will ask you to complete age verification. If you can’t pass, ask help from professional native Chinese seller to help you, also you can buy verified Wanmei account  (also named Perfect  World CN Account) for World of Jade Dynasty. Certainly, you can also consult the close beta code if World of Jade Dynasty will enter close beat again.

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