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Create Chinese Apple ID Without Credit Card In Seconds – Download Free Apps from Chinese App Store Now 2024 Update

There are so many Apps in Chinese App store. Following China economic development, tons of enterprises expand their business into China. Worthwhile, a large numbers of people pay attention to China, that they want to learn Chinese culture. Listen Chinese music, play Chinese games, watch Chinese drama…etc. Hence, I will show you how to download free Apps from Chinese App store without credit card. Some Chinese Apps is only available in Chinese iTunes store, so users who want to download those region restricted Apps in Chinese iTunes store have to create second Apple ID into China.

App Store

Because I like to play games, I will show the top charts of game in Chinese Apple store On 24th, March.

Game Top Charts in Chinese Apple Store 3/24

Top 6 Paid Game App

Hitman Sniper


Take Risk

Give it Up

Underground castle dark Awakening

Shadow Realm 2

top charts paid game in China iTunes store

Top 6 Free Game Apps

King of Glory

Happy Doudizhu
Happy mahjong

Dragon Nest

Happy to eliminate

Gluttonous Snake

top charts free game in China iTunes store

Top 6 Grossing Game Apps

King of Glory

Fantasy Westward Journey

Dragon Nest

Naruto Mobile

A Chinese ghost story


top charts grossing game in China iTunes store

Do you want to download those game Apps or other free Apps from Chinese Apple store? If yes, follow me to get started!

Register Chinese Apple ID W/O Credit Card

Register one Chinese Apple ID to access China iTunes store is very easy. The point is to enter correct billing address and phone number. When you get error like the App is only available in Chinese iTunes store, or you can’t find the Chinese App in your native App store. It means there is region restricted with the App. If you don’t have credit card, alipay, union pay, follow me to create China Apple ID now.


  • One PC or iOS device like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • China address
  • Valid Chinese Phone Number

*If you don’t know Chinese language, and want to the register pages are in English. Please ahead to Settings – General – Language&Region to set language as English.

Step #1 Please log out your previous Apple ID, then choose one free App to install.

Step #2 Tap Create New Apple ID as photo to get started to create Chinese Apple ID.

Create New Apple ID

Step #3 Tap China as the Apple ID region. Tap 取消 to make the iTunes Store shows Apps in China iTunes Store. (The step is the point to create CN Apple ID without credit card.)

Step #4 Choose one free App to install, tap Create New Apple ID. Input email address, password and agree terms.

Step #5 Enter name, security info, and birth of date.

Step #6 Choose as payment. If you can’t find the option, please double check the steps you just followed. If yes but don’t have None option, get connected to China VPN.

Step #7 Type Chinese address for create China Apple ID to access Chinese iTunes store. This is the Chinese billing address I typed in my Chinese Apple ID. You can also input the into to create your CN Apple ID.


Address: 上海普陀区

Address: 曹杨路

Postcode: 200333

Region: 上海

Province: Shanghai

Phone: 8723161

Step #8 Access email to check verification code. Input code, then pop up the page says a verification email has been sent to email.

verification eamil


Step #9 Log in your Chinese Apple ID just created. Once log in, it will pop up alert message. It is “this Apple ID is only valid for purchase in the Chinese iTunes store. You will be switched to that store”.

Login Chinese Apple ID


All things are done. Created Chinese Apple ID without credit card successfully. If you still can’t bypass it, you can also buy Chinese Apple ID.


Are you still looking for ways to create second Apple ID to access Chinese iTunes store? If yes, this article is very helpful for you. Follow the step by step to register Chinese Apple ID with China address, phone number. Then just need several steps to create Chinese Apple ID without credit card and Chinese payment methods. If you think this article is useful, hope you can share it to support us.

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