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Download Modern Combat Versus from Philippines iTunes Store and Play it Outside Philippines

The first-person shooter Modern Combat Versus soft-launched on iOS in the Philippines iTunes Store only. It will be released in other countries later. What we can do is just waiting its global release.

If you want to download and paly Modern Combat Versus outside of Philippines, create Philippines Apple ID is the first step. Because the game is region locked, you will get error message as “Thank you for participating in the Soft Launch Version if Modern Combat Versus. The Gameloft Montreal Dev team is excited to share our work with you. Please know that you are acrucial part in our ongoing process toward improving the game and creating the best experience for our community. The Soft Launch is currently restricted to certain regions, but check back in because we will be expanding and your region could be next!” Players can get connected to Philippines VPN to fix the error message below.

Product: Modern Combat Versus

Developer: Gameloft

Publisher: Gameloft

For: iPhone   Also on: Android, iPad

Official website:


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