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How To Play League of Legend Chinese Server LOL China

You want to play League of Legend Chinese server. Just go head to Chinese LOL website. What you should prepare is QQ account. If you are not living in China, or planning to move to China and want to play LOL Chinese server. There are 3 points you should get.

  • Register a QQ account or buy a Chinese LOL account.
  • Download client
  • Launch and enjoy LOL Chinese server

play Chinese LOL server


How To Make Chinese Account LOL

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games in the world. Millions of people play it every day. You can make Chinese account LOL here. If you can’t pass through the registration, buy Chinese LOL account is a good choice.

register Chinese LOL account

How To Reduce Ping To Play Chinese LOL Server

Different Chinese players may choose different servers. However, it is worth noting that the North American server is typically the most popular server for Chinese players, as it offers the lowest latency and best connection for players who are located in China. Just choose the server what you want to play. When you get high ping, try to get connected to VPN is a good way to reduce ping to play Chinese LOL server. We picked the best game VPN for Chinese game players as below.

Top Choice

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Play Chinese LOL server is not too hard. What you should prepare is a Chinese LOL account. If get high ping, get connected to game VPN to reduce ping is a good choice. Certainly, you should spend much time and money to level up your account.

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