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How To Play Tango 5: The Last Dance Korean Version On PC, iPhone, iPad and Android

Nexon and ThingSoft published new mobile game Tango 5: The Last Dance(탱고파이브) on Android and iOS, worthwhile, the game is available to play on webpage. The data between iOS, Android, PC are available to transfer that players can play this game without time or place limitation. But Tango 5 mobile App is only available in South Korea Apple Store and Google Play Store. So players want to play this game on mobile, please download it from South Korea App Store. I will show you how to download and play Tango 5: The Last Dance on iOS, Android, and PC from everywhere.

Tango 5: The Last Dance is a Team-based Real-Time Tactics game. Players can play real time 5v5 tactical play with optimized control system for mobile device named “Dynamic Cool down System”. Players can choose a variety of unique characters.

Release Date: 6/19/2017

Region: South Korea

Language: Korean

Developer: ThingSoft

Published by:Nexon

Platform: iOS, Android and PC crossplay

Tango 5

Play Tango 5: The Last Dance On PC

Play Tango 5: The Last Dance on PC requires to login with Nexon ID. So the point is to get Nexon KR account first. Because register nexon KR account requires to create account with South Korea phone number. When you are living outside of South Korea and want to play Tango 5, you can ask your Korea friends to help you create one account or buy verified nexon KR account from OBTGAME. It is the most reliable seller I meet. It offers 7 days guarantee. If there are problems of your account within 7 days, it will give you another new account. Let us get started to play Tango 5 from everywhere.

#1. Get Nexon KR account first, then login here.

login nexon kr account to play tango 5

#2. Tap the red button to download nexon game manager.

#3. Downloading and updating file to access Tango 5.


#4. Create characters and play Tango 5 on PC

Install Tango 5: The Last Dance App from South Korea Google Play and iTunes Store

For Android device, please get connected to South Korea VPN to access Korea Google Play Store. If you still can’t enter into South Korea Google Play Store, read guidance on how to change Google Play Store Country/Region.

For iOS device, you should create South Korea Apple ID to download Apps in KR iTunes store. Refer to the guidance on how to create South Korea Apple ID without credit card. Many guys say they get error “for assistance,contact itunes Support”, generally, get connected to VPN into the country will be fixed. If you still can’t create KR Apple ID by yourself, you can buy cheap Apple ID.

Here I will show you how to play Tango 5: The Last Dance on my iPhone 7.

Tool: Install Google Translate mobile App to translate the game page. Take game screenshot, then use Google Translate App to scan the screenshot to  be English language.

  1. Login your South Korea Apple ID, then search Tango 5, then you can see the App.
  2. Run it. If you are not in South Korea IP address, you can only play with Facebook, Google and Guest. I would like to bind with my account on iOS and PC. So I get connected to South Korea VPN, then I can login with Nexon Korea account I used on PC.Get connected to South Korea VPN, then you can login with Nexon Koran account.
  3. It will take a long time to download and update files. You can disconnect VPN after starting to download, then you can download files with your local network with high speed. And login your Nexon ID to transfer data.
  4. Create characters and play Tango 5 on iOS.

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