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Russia Blocked China’s Social Media WeChat Since May 5

China’s popular social media WeChat was blocked on May 5th in Russia. In actual, Russian government was not only blocked WeChat, but also blocked Blackberry Messenger, LINE, Zello, Linkedin. So I think this is not a big news. It is the first time other countries block China’s social Media. What we heard often is Chinese government blocked instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail. Google and so on. So the news point is China’s social media WeChat blocked by rare countries. In 2013, Iran banned WeChat. Though Tencent still want to find the way to gain entry, but no luck. Now, Russia blocked WeChat. Tencent announced that they are communicating with Russian authorities over the matter. Regarding the result, just be waiting.

Why Russia Government Blocked WeChat?

According to Russia’s regulation on Internet management, Internet service providers must register with related government bodies in Russia, while WeChat had a different understanding on this issue. At the same time, access to WeChat app was restricted on the basis of Article 15.4 of the law on information, information technologies and information security, according to Roskomnadzor. In one word, WeChat App is blocked in Russia for security issue.

How To Unblock WeChat in Russia?

Many Chinese people who are living in Russia are complaining that the event is seriously affected  their daily life and work. So how can you access WeChat App in Russia?

Get Connected to VPN Service To Unblock WeChat App in Russia

When you are living in China, you can only use VPN to unblock Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube etc.. WeChat had been blocked in Russia. So you can get connected to VPN servers outside of Russia and Iran to unblock WeChat App. So why not use VPN to bypass Russian government internet censorship to enjoy internet freedom. Follow steps below to unlock WeChat in Russia.

  • Pick one VPN to make a subscription. Highly recommend paid VPN service for security
  • Download and install VPN Apps/Clients on your PC, Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone, iPad…
  • Login your VPN account, choose one VPN server like South Korea, Singapore, Japan VPN to connect
  • Once get connected on VPN, then you can access WeChat in Russia.


Most of governments are taking internet censorship. Russia is trying to copy China’s approach in internet censorship. Hope the internet in Russia won’t be another one China. In China, VPN is one of my necessities. No internet freedom in China. Fortunately, I can still use VPN to bypass great firewall. Chinese who are living in Russia can use VPN to unblock WeChat in Russia now. Hope the hole won’t be fill more.

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