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Watch Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother UK 2017 Outside United Kingdom With UK VPN

Do you still want to watch Celebrity Big Brother UK 2017 or Big Brother UK 2017 when you are living in Australia, France, Canada, Germany or elsewhere outside of United Kingdom? Do you know how to watch Celebrity Big Brother outside of UK on iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, PC, Mac, Roku, Fire TV Stick, Smart TV, ChromecastPS4, and Xbox? If you got the situations above, we will show you how to watch Big Brother UK 2017 live abroad.

The program just revealed on Channel 5, aka My 5. But Channel 5 is only available in British. You will get error message as “We’re sorry but you must be located in the British isles to view this content” when you are living in UK. So how can we unblock Channel 5 outside British? The best way to unblock My5 is VPN.

In this article, VPN is a tool to change IP address into another country in seconds to unblock content. You should get Britain IP address to access Channel 5 outside of UK. So get connected to UK VPN servers on your device to get Britain IP address and unblock Channel 5 to watch Celebrity Big Brother UK 2017 live from everywhere. So follow the steps as below.

  • Buy paid VPN service with UK VPN servers so that you can streaming live with fast speed. We don’t recommend you to use free VPN, its speed and security is not reliable
  • Install VPN client/Apps on your device
  • Login your VPN account and password, choose one UK VPN server to connect
  • Once connected, your devices get UK IP address then you can watch Celebrity Big Brother UK 2017 in Australia, France, Canada, Germany or elsewhere outside of British.

I used VyprVPN to unblock Channel 5 to watch Celebrity Big Brother Uk 2017 On PC from China. It does work for me. The speed is very good.

How To Install My5 App and Big Brother App for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Android Device

My5 is not working outside British. So My5 App and Big Brother App are only available in Britain iTunes Store and Google Play Store. For iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, you should create UK Apple ID without credit card or change Apple ID region to British to install My5 App and Big Brother App from Britain iTunes Store. For Android device, switch Google Play Store Region to British or download My5 Apk file and Big Brother Channel 5 App.


Whatever you want to watch Celebrity Big Brother 2017, Big Brother 2017, Neighbours, Home and Away, Wentworth Prison, Inside Broadmoor, or other TV shows, you can get connected on UK VPN on iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, or other device to unblock My5, Channel 5 and Big Brother Channel 5 App from everywhere.

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