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Create Singapore Apple ID and Get Connected To Singapore VPN To Download & Install & Use The Swift Life App

Taylor Swift is launching her own social media app. It is The Swift Life app. The app #TheSwiftLife is coming late 2017 on Google Play Store and App Store. Currently, The Swift Life app is only available to download in Singapore iTunes Store. The app isn’t available to download on Google Play Store now. So if you are Taylor Swift fans and want to download Swift Life app, you should create Singapore Apple ID first, after installed, you must get connected to Singapore VPN to use The Swift App, otherwise, you can’t use the App. Anyway, follow me to download, install and use The Swift Life app.

How To Create Singapore Apple ID Without Credit Card and Download The Swift Life App

Because The Swift Life app is limited in Singapore iTunes Store, there are no luck for Android guys. for iOS users, you must have one Singapore Apple ID. Generally, you don’t have Singapore payment method. But you can create second Apple ID into Singapore without credit card. So just follow me to create Singapore Apple ID without credit card to download The Swift Life app.

  1. Logout your Apple ID on iPhone, or iPad
  2. Choose one free Appto install
  3. Tap Create New Apple ID
  4. Choose country of regionas Singapore
  5. Tap Cancel, then you will be directed to Singapore iTunes Storehomepage
  6. Repeat 2,3,4. Input email and password. Agree terms
  7. Type name, birth of dateand setting security questions
  8. Choose Noneunder payment method.
  9. Input billing address. Search in google.comfind one singapore address.
  10. Input verification code. Once pass through, create Singapore Apple ID successfully. If you still get error message “For assistance, contact iTunes Support at ”, Please try later or buy Singapore Apple ID to save time.

Once login Singapore Apple ID. You will be directed to Singapore iTunes Store. Then search The Swift Life app. Tap Get to install the app.

Create The Swift Life Account and Use the App outside Singapore With Singapore VPN

The Swift Life app is only available to use in Singapore now on iOS. So if you are living outside of Singapore, run the App will get error message as “Can’t Connect. We cannot connect to the network. Please check your network connection and try again.” Actually, your network is very well. What you need to do is to get connected to Singapore VPN. There are many VPNs on the internet. But some guys said though they get Singapore VPN can’t use the App. What I can say is you haven’t get real Singapore IP address. Hence, I recommend top 4 Singapore VPN for you to unblock The Swift Life App. BTW I am using VyprVPN App on iOS from China to unblock the App.

You should get connected to Singapore VPN to fix the error message.

I got connected to Singapore VPN with VyprVPN on my iPhone 7.

It will ask you to set birth date, tick box to agree terms. You can choose to sign up with Phone Number, Facebook, or enter as a guest. Then you can see the video of Taylor Swift shows welcome to the Swift Life!

I created The Swift Life account via my Facebook.


I searched many news, tested in my side. Finally, I found the App is only available in Singapore iTunes Store. Hope this tutorial is helpful for Taylor Swift fans who want to keep in touch with Taylor Swift new songs, videos, photos etc.. The point is to create Singapore Apple ID and Singapore VPN. If you think the guidance is helpful, hope you can share the article to make more people know the way and support editors.

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