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How To Download, Register, Streaming, Become a VIP Member QQ Music 2023

QQ music is China’s Spotify. It is the biggest music stream platform in China. Tons of fans are using QQ music to listening song, vote for idols, buy albums etc.. But QQ music is only available in China App Store, some song is unable to listen for copyright issue. Anyway, we will guide you step by step to download, register, streaming, buy VIP member QQ Music for fans who are living outside of Mainland China.

QQ Music

How To Download QQ Music On Android, iOS and PC

Download QQ Music on PC and Android Phone are very easy, download QQ Music client/Apk file from its official site.

Download QQ Music on Android and PC

For iPhone, iPad users, QQ Music App is only available in China App Store. Thus, we should get into China App Store first. How To Switch Country/Region iTunes Store Without Credit Card will be helpful. Read the guidance carefully, then you can download QQ Music App after switched country into China App Store.

Download QQ Music On iOS

How To Register QQ Music

You can sign up QQ Music via QQ account or WeChat account. So the key is how to create/get QQ account and WeChat account.

Register QQ Music Account
Register QQ Music Account with QQ or WeChat

How To Register WeChat Account

You can create WeChat account by yourself. But it will ask you to verify for security. Ask friend who will help you verify and she/he must be active user and mainland China users etc.. (Check the details on the phone below). BTW not all accounts can verify for you. If you still can’t find a guy to verify your WeChat account, maybe you can consult OBTGAME. It offers different kinds of service for Chinese products.

require to verify wechat

How To Sign Up QQ Account

It is available to create QQ account with your Phone number. We recommend you to register QQ account because it’s much easier than sign up WeChat account. If you don’t see your country code, try to use Google Voice to get a phone number. Good Luck. If you still can’t figure out, maybe you can try to buy QQ account.

Create QQ Account

How To Streaming QQ Music

Sign in your QQ or WeChat account. International users can’t listen some songs in QQ Music for those are only available in Mainland China. If you find the songs you want to listen are unable to streaming, get connected to Chinese VPN is the key. You can search in Google, or try Transocks.

Get Started to Use QQ Music

  • Get connected to Chinese VPN that you can get Chinese IP address
  • Sign in with QQ or WeChat account
  • Search for artist or song in search bar
  • Some songs are free to streaming, some are only available for VIP. Upgrade to VIP member you can listen and download high quality songs

how to use QQ Music

How To Download Songs on QQ Music

  • Tap the three point menu as photo picture 1
  • Tap the download button “下载”as photo picture 2

download songs on QQ music


How To Become QQ Music VIP Member

QQ Music is only support Chinese payment method. The easiest way for foreigners to buy QQ Music VIP member is to purchase QQ coin for your account, then purchase QQ Music VIP member on via QQ coin.

buy QQ Music VIP member with QQ coin


You can learn all things about register, download, streaming, buy VIP member QQ music in this article. If you want to know other things about QQ Music, welcome to leave comment.

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