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Create FLO Music Account To Listen, Download Songs for Your idols 2023

Flo Music connects everyone to one playlist, The Flo, no matter what music service you use- so that everyone can get in on the play time. Do you want your idols’ songs ranked well on FLO chart? If yes, get one verified korea phone number FLO Music account to get started. Let me show you why we can’t create FLO Music account by ourselves.

FLO Music KR

  1. Visit FLO Music official website.
  2. Create FLO Music account via email, but it will ask you to verify Korea phone number first as photo.

create music flo account

So most of foreign fans can’t create FLO Music account by themselves. But they can buy verified FLO Music account from OBTGAME. You can also buy FLO Music Pass from the website. Check FLO Music Pass here

FLO Music Pass

Certainly, you can also learn how to listen, download songs for your idols on Melon, Genie, Mnet, Naver, Bugs, Soribada korean music sites. Please read tutorials as following.

How To Get Verified Melon Account With Pass in 2019

Guide for Create Genie Account , download Genie App and buy Genie Streaming Pass

How To Register Soribada Account and Buy Soribada Pass

Buy verified Bug, Mnet Account and Streaming Pass

Hence, fans who want to listen, download and vote for your idols on South Korea music sites, please keep login, listen, download, vote with South Korea VPN that yours actions will be counted into chart.

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