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How Can I Listen To 19+ Songs On Melon

Why cant I listen to 19+ songs on Melon? Though I am 29, I can’t listen 19+ rated songs on Melon. A large numbers of fans are complaining why they can’t listen rated 19+ songs on Melon. Whatever you are listening songs on Melon player or App. You must create Melon account first. Previously, we can create Melon account via email, Melon removed the way since August. But we can register Melon account via Kakao account.

After sign up Melon account, you can only listen songs with only 1 minute for trail. If you want to listen full songs on Melon, you have to buy Melon Pass. Though you bought Melon Pass, but when you tap to lisen rated 19+ songs, it will ask you to verify korean ID. For international users, it is impossible. So that is why so many users feel frustrated on this. If you are looking for ways to listen to 19+ songs on Melon. Just follow me, I will show how to listen to 19+ songs on Melon on PC, iPhone, Android later.

Get Started to Listen to 19+ Songs On Melon Player and App

South Korean website and App are requiring to verify for adult content. So internation users can’t verify themselves info. Anyway, I will show you how to verify Melon accountand activate 19+ songs later. If you can’t find the product you wanna, contact and consult their customer support. Anyway, Let me show you more details on unlock 19+ songs on Melon.

Let us check what happened when you listen to 19+ songs on Melon Players.

You will be asked to verify korean ID as photo below when tapping 19+ songs if you haven’t verify your account on iPhone or Android App.

Many international fans thought they can’t listen 19+ songs on Melon. Finally, we find OBTGAME offers the service. Once verified or activated 19+ songs, then you can listen 19+ songs for 1 minute. If you want to listen full songs, please buy Melon streaming Pass. BTW only verified Melon account can use Melon paid service.

Once verified Melon account, then you can listen 19+ songs on Melon. Buy Melon Pass, then your Melon account can listen 19+ songs.

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