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How To Change IP Address into South Korea to Unlock Streaming on or Naver TV App Outside of Korea

Naver is an Internet content service company in South Korea. Naver TV is a web broadcast network which mainly provides web dramas distributed by Naver. The New Year 2018 is around the corner. There are many events of music in South Korea. Such as MelOn Music Awards, Seoul Music Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards and so on. Millions of fans will take action to support their idols by watching, comment, like idols’ streaming on Naver TV. But Naver TV streaming is only available to watch in South Korea. Hence, how can we watch streaming on Naver TV website or App when we are living outside of South Korea?

Get South Korea IP Address On PC, iPhone, iPad, Android device To Unblock Naver TV Now

As I noted above, Naver TV streaming and Naver TV App is only available to watch in South Korea. So the point is to get South Korea IP address on PC, iPhone, iPad, Android device. Whatever you want to get KR IP address on PC, or iPhone, iPad, Android devices, you can use South Korea VPN to change IP address into Korea in seconds. There are so many VPN providers on the internet, please pick reliable one. Some VPNs doesn’t work for IP blocked. Here, we recommend VyprVPN to you. It offers many South Korea VPN server with large number of South Korea IP address.

Some videos on Naver TV are only available to access in South Korea. Some foreigner fans can’t access those videos like the photo as below.

Because Naver TV App is only available in South Korea Google Play Store and App Store. If you want to install the App on mobile device, please find way to get into KR Google Play Store and App Store. Please read tutorials as following to get into KR Google Play Store and App Store now.

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