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Play Xbox, PlayStation PS and PC Games W/O Download Game Client on PC With Gloud Games in 2017

Gloud Games On PC
Gloud Games is a big challenge for game industry. Players don’t need to upgrade device features like CPU, graphics card etc.. to play PC, Xbox, PlayStation games. Now, Gloud Games makes every players own cloud super game console. There is no need to download game client, buy Xbox, PlayStation devices to play specific games for different platform with Gloud games. Players can play other console games without changing device. There is no time limited, no device limited. What you need is high speed bandwidth and joystick.

If you are using iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android, read tutorials on How To Play XBOX, PlayStation, PC Games On iOS With Gloud Games 2017 and How To Play XBOX 360/XBOX ONE/PS3/PS4 Games On Android With Gloud Games.

If you are using Windows computer or laptop, follow me to play PC games without download game client with Gloud Games in 2017.

How To Create Gloud Games Account

Create Gloud Games account is very easy. Just visit Gloud Games PC webpage, tap 注册 to input email, captcha, verification code, and password. There are two ways to register Gloud Games account, one is to register with email, another is to register with phone number but limited with Chinese phone number.

Create Gloud Games Account

How To Use Gloud Games on PC

It seems Golud Games PC webpage is not compatible well with Chrome browser. I clicked the Game Start(开始游戏), but nothing appear. So I switched to use internet explorer browser. Follow me step by step about how to use Gloud Games on PC.

  1. Login your Gloud Games account, choose one game to play. Here, I choose to play Street Fighter IV.
  2. Tap Game Start button to start game.tap game start button to free trial
  3. Install Gloud Games PC client. Tap Next Step in Chinese 下一步 to complete installation.install Gloud Games PC Client
  4. Start to free trial the game. Test speed and choose server to start.choose server to enter game

There are only 7 games you can play on PC. It is Batman: Arkham City, Rayman Legends, Street Fighter IV, H·A·W·X, Far Cry 2, Child of Light, and Realms of Ancient War. Gloud Games offers many games on Android and iOS. So you can read my tutorial about play Gloud games on iOS and Android


It seem there is no IP limitation on Gloud game PC. If you get error message like the service is only available in China. Get connected mainland China VPN to unlock Gloud Games from anywhere. Though games on Gloud Games PC version is not too many. You can still play some your favorited games on it.

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