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aion 6.0 refly

Aion Korean Server Switched Into Free To Play On January 17, 2018

Aion: Assault on Balaurea South Korea server swithced into F2P with cash item shop on January 17, 2018. Previously, players have to buy time card to play this game. This changes, which took around the time of Aion’s 10th anniversary and released new update Aion 6.0 Refly yesterday.

REFLY is a brand new server, introduces some changes such as character growth speed, class balancing, new PVE + PVP map. Check Here have a better explain of Gunner, Cler, Ranger, Bard.





After know more details of Aion 6.0, do you want to join Aion KR refly server. We know that a large numbers of Aion NA/EU players are curious about the new update of Aion Korean server and want to see if it is finally going in the right direction with their updates. They are too impatient to wait for it to come to NA/EU. Maybe it will take about 1 year to make the new updates come to NA/EU server. If you can’t wait, you can order one verified Aion KR account to play South Korea server. But you should conquer language difference. This game requires to play with South Korea VPN. Please choose one reliable and stable VPN for this game, if ask you to reverify, no luck.

aion 6.0 refly

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