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Ultimate Guide How To Create Genie Account , download Genie App and buy Genie Streaming Pass To Listen Songs On PC, Android, iPhone, iPad from Everywhere

Many fans outsid of South Korean want to listening idols’ songs on Genie. But if your Genie account is not verified, you cant buy Genie Streaming Pass. It will ask you to verify i-Pin or Korean phone number. Certainly, you can also streaming for free by given Geine links. I will show you how to stream Genie for free in another article. Here, I will show you how to create Genie account step by step, how to download Genie Android and iOS App, how to buy Genie streaming pass to listen songs on PC, Android, iPhone, iPad.


Step by Step Guide: How To Create Genie Account

You can register Genie account via Kakao, Facebook, Twitter, or korean phone number. I recommend you to regiser Genie account with Facebook, Twitter or Kakao account. It is more easy for foreign fans to use Genie account. Here, I will show you how to register Genie account with Kakao account.

Step #1: Visit Tap Kakao icon to login with your Kakao account, or create Kakao account to register into Genie.

Step #2: Tick box to agree terms.

Step #3: Enter email, password and nickname.

Step #4: Enter verification code. Ahead to email to check the verification code.

Step #5: Create Kakao account successfully.

Step #6: Tap Agree button to register Genie account with your Kakao account.

Step #7: Input nickname and email.

Step #8: Create Genie account successfully.

Once register Genie account successfully, then you can access Genie to listen music via Genie links given by other guys.

How To Download Genie App On Android, iPhone, iPad

You can listen songs via Geneie on webpage or App. Genie doesn’t have PC client, you can listen songs on web via its players. Regarding listen songs via Genie App, you must download Genie App first. But Genie Android, iOS App are only availalable to download from South Korean Google Play Store and iTunes Store. For Android, you can download Genie Apk file here, or  switch into South Korea Google Play Store for iOS; for iOS, you must create South Korea Apple ID to download Genie iOS App. So just follow guidance above to download Genie App on Android, iPhone, iPad.

How To Buy Genie Streaming Pass for Foreigner Fans

You can check Genie Streaming Pass first, then choose plan to buy. When you choose to buy the pass. It pops up one window asking you to verify i-Pin or phone number. So if you want to buy Genie Streaming Pass, please verify Genie account first.

After verified your Genie account, then you can buy Genie Streaming Pass. But It is not support Paypal or foreign credit card. It supports payment method in South Korea like KR credit card, KR phone number. So for foreigner fans, you can only ask someone to representative agent for Genie Streaming Pass. Then you can listen songs via Genie on PC, Android, iPhone, iPad for everywhere.

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