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MU Legend Korea Server Open Beta Confirmed


MU LEGEND is the highly-anticipated action MMO and the follow-up to MU Online. Players have wait this game for almost 10 years. Finally, its open beta is around the corner. Hope this game won’t change release date again. Webzen announced MU Legend Korea server will be entering open beta phase on March 23rd. In the west, MU Legend is in 2CBT between February 21st and 28th. It seems that the international version will be released later. Maybe it is in April.

Anyone who want to play MU LEGEND Korean Server outside of Korea must get one verified iPin/KSSN account. If you do not find the way to get the verified account, you can check it on OBTGAME.


Open Beta: March 23, 2017

Publisher: Webzen

Developer: Webzen Games

Region: Korea

Official Website:

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