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Are You Reday To Play Lost Ark OnStove South Korea Server?

Lost Ark, the Most Anticipated MMORPG, will be entering open beta on 7th November, 2018 in South Korea. It is exact news from lost ark official website. Hope we can play Lost Ark after about 50 days waiting. A large number of players have been waiting this game for seven years.

Lost Ark OBT advance reservation schedule is  from September 17th to November 5th. Players who take parti in pre-registration will get special in-game items. But only limited South Korean phone number. So if you are foreigners who are living outside of South Korea, the possibility to get the bonus is very small. BTW they is no news about Lost Ark release date in other regions. It means that foreigner players have to wait or try to find way to play Lost Ark South Korea server earlier. Maybe you can buy verified Lost Ark OnStove account from OBTGAME. It is a website selling accounts/cash for South Korea games.

verified lost ark account


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