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China VPN for iPhone

Top 3 China VPN for iPhone, iPad in 2017 Including free Trial (that really works)

If you are Chinese, or interesting in Chinese culture, you will find that get one China VPN is very important. Previously, I have wrote top 3 China VPN for Android in 2017. iOS and Android is the two main mobile operating system. So I downloaded and tested many VPN iOS Apps to find top China VPN for iPhone, iPad. I will show you later.

Some iOS users are complaining that no VPN works on iPhone since updated iOS 10.3.2. It is weird. Maybe it will be fix later. So I never update my iPhone to iOS beta. Let’s get back the topic. If you are looking for China VPN for iOS now, stay tuned!

China VPN for iPhone

3 Important Reasons Why You Need China VPN into China to get Chinese IP Address

Why you need China VPN into China to get Chinese IP address? There are many reasons. Here, I will list 3 important reasons later.

Unblock Content

When you are living outside of China, you will find many sites or Apps are unavailable to access, or load very slowly. For example, watch videos on Youku site or Youku App outside if China will get error message like the video is not available in your region. So you can only get China VPN to access China sites. If you are using NetEase Cloud Music or QQ Music to listen music, unblock them now to listen music like you are in China.

unblock content


Get Faster Internet

Though your local network is very well. But when you are not in China and want to get connected to the server located in mainland China, you will find the webpage is buffering agin and again. If you are out of luck, maybe you are unable to get connected to server.

speed test

Get connected to China VPN, it will help you to get faster internet to access Chinese sites or Apps.

Unblock Websites

As we all know that people who are living in China can’t access Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, economist etc.. Certainly, when you are not in China, some government sites like tax system are not accessible. People can get connected to China VPN server and pretend they are in China.

Unblock China Website

Top 3 China VPN for iOS in 2017 with free trial

There are few VPN service providers offer China VPN service. Most of VPN providers don’t offer mainland China VPN servers. Regarding the reason, it is difficulty to get China ISP. Anyway, I find the top 3 China VPN for iOS. iOS users can download the App from iTunes store to get connected to China VPN server.

#1  FlyVPN


  • No need to register to test. But time limited. 20 minutes per time, 3 times per day.
  • Create account, new users can get 14 days free trial
  • Multiple China VPN servers is available to free trial
  • 70+ mainland China VPN servers, 40+ countries VPN servers
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • Only support one device at one time. If you want to use it on multiple devices at the same time, you have to buy 1 connection again.
  • Don’t accept credit card on website, but you can buy from in-App purchase with credit card
  • So-so support
  • Record logs

#2 bulletvpn


  • Fast speed
  • Two simultaneous connections
  • 3 Chinese VPN servers, 190+ countries IP address
  • Accept many payment methods like PayPal, Credit Card…
  • 7x24x365 support
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • Don’t offer free trial
  • Too less China VPN servers
  • Connection logs

#3 Ivacy


  • Multiple payment methods
  • 5 multi logins
  • 5 mainland China VPN servers, 250+ Servers in 100+ Locations
  • No-log
  • Perfect customer service support
  • 7 days money back guarantee


  • Unable to free trial. Need to buy VPN first
  • Rare Chinese VPN servers

Wrapping Up

I have listed top 3 China VPN iOS App for iPhone, iPad in 2017. If you want to test first, pick one to free trial. Get connected to one China VPN to get Chinese IP address on iPhone, iPad to unblock websites like QQ Music, NetEase Cloud Music, Youku, iQiYi etc..

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