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How To Create Naver Account, Install Naver Music App on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Get Naver Music Free Pass

Do you want to streaming on Naver Music for your idols like BTS, EXO, 2PM etc.? Fans must have register Naver account first to use Naver Music service. Actually, you can register Naver account by yourself if you have phone number, Facebook or LINE account. You can choose to join Naver via Social login with Facebook or LINE account, or create Naver account via your phone number. Here, I will show you how to create Naver account to use Naver Music service, install Naver Music App on iOS, Android and PC, get Naver Music free Pass.


Register Naver Account Now To Use Naver Music Service

We can’t South Korea Naver account for requiring verify South Korea phone number. But we can create Naver Global account with your phone number. Worthwhile, you can also sign up Naver account via Facebook or LINE. Here, I will show you how to create Naver account with your phone number.

Create Naver account with this link, or visit, tap Sign up to start. Fill out username, password, birht date, gender, recovery email, and phone number. Then create Naver account successfully. You can use Naver account to enjoy Naver music now.

  1. If you always change IP address, do not turn on IP보안IP Protection. (You can turn on/off the security here)
  2. Please remeber your account information (your name/birthday). It is important to use for recovery your account
  3. Always use your Naver account, any ID didn’t use in 6 months will lock automatically


How To Win Naver Music Free Pass

Listen songs on Naver Music is not free. For forenginers, we can take part in Naver music events to win free Pass. It’s the Naver 10PM KST event. It’s only available at exactly 10 PM KST. All you have to do is click a link at exactly 10 PM KST. But the event only works on mobile. There are two events of Naver Music free Pass. One is 120 Streaming Pass, another is 80 Streaming Pass.

The 120 Streaming Pass is only for 1st 500 people who tap the event link. Generally, foreigners can’t win the pass for South Korea internet speed is the fastest in the world.

But we can try to get 80 Streaming Pass. You can search tweets hashtag #내_가수1위만들기 and click Latest tweets with “” shorten links; or click links start in the comment section.

Anyway, let me show you how to Win Naver Music Free Pass Step by Step:

Step 1: At 9:45 PM KST, run browser and visit naver Music event webpage on moblie (The event is only limited mobile device). Tap the menu as photo on the event page.

Step 2: Sign in with your Naver account (Important). Tap the header to login Naver account.

Step 3: After logged in, then you will be directed to the event webpage again. So we should prepare before 10:00pm KST.

Step 4: You can try to take part in Naver Music 120 free Pass by clicking the button as photo.

If not win, try to win Naver music 80 free Pass. There are 2 ways to win 80 free Pass.

1: At 10 PM KST: scroll down to the comment section. Tap links start “” shorten link. Please refer to the photo below.

2: At 10 PM KST: Search tweets hashtag #내_가수1위만들기 and click Latest tweets with “” shorten links.

The photo below show you have won free Pass or not.

How To Install Naver Music App On iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC Outside of South Korea To Win Naver Music Free Pass

Whatever you are using iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC, you can take part in the event to win free  Pass though the event is only available on mobile device. Naver Music App is available on the App Store or Play Store. But limited in South Korea iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

If you are using iPhone, iPad device, you should create South Korea Apple ID W/O credit card to install Naver Music App from South Korea iTunes Store.

For Android users, you can connect to South Korea VPN to switch into South Korea Google Play Store, or download Naver Music Apk file.

If you are using PC and want to win Naver Music free Pass, you can install Android Emulator like BlueStacks to take part in the event. Drag Naver Music Apk file to BlueStacks to install. After win the free Pass, then you can stream from there now.

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